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How To Manage Payees

Jason | January 06, 2022

The Payee field in the transaction form is powerful and multi-purpose. It can be useful for future reporting and through this field we can build a list of places we shop and how much we are spending there.

Payee List

Default Payee Dropdown List

When you first start your budget by default your payee list will only contain a list of your current accounts (If you have added any). These are automatically created for you whenever you add a new account. See our articles on How To Transfer Money Between Accounts and How To Pay Credit Cards to find out more about these.

After using the application for a while your list of payees will grow. You can simply type to search and select the correct payee from the list. If the payee does not exist in your list you will see the option to add the new payee.

Add Payee

Add a Payee

Simply start typing the name of the payee you want e.g., you bought pizza at Domino's then the payee would be Domino's. If you have never used this payee before then after typing the name as you want it to appear click the add option that will appear. In our example above you would click Add Domino's. After you save the transaction this payee will get added to your list for future use.

Manage Payees

Multiple Payee Search

Whether through automatic imports, typing errors, or just calling it something different at different points the time will inevitably come where you have multiple payees that are for the same place just typed slightly different. We will stick to our Domino's example from above. At one point we added Domino's with and without the apostrophe to our list of payees. We have provided an easy way to manage and fix these duplications across all transactions in one spot.

  • Manage Payees

Manage Payee Option

Click on your name to open the sub navigation and then click on Manage Payees

  • Combine Payee

Combine Payees

This will bring up a list of all of your payees. From here we can select the checkbox of all the payees we want to mark as the same. Select any number of checkboxes and then click the edit pencil in the top right of the list. This method can also be used to change a single payee name not just combining multiple payees into one.

Edit Payee Name

Enter the new name for all the payees selected. This will update any transactions where this was the payee with the new name.